February 25th, 2012


[Hukomi] They travel around the world in a tandem

[ENG] Aurore & Marianne rode their tandem all around France last summer and they were at my home in August 2011 <3

Marianne and I first met on a RPG forum and my login at that time was Libellule, the French for Dragonfly.

These girls are just ADOOOOOOORABLE ! Open-minded, humble and sweet sweet sweet <3 They are long-time friends and travelling is part of their dreams, they're a few years younger than me but I think they're extremely mature. This dream of theirs had been cherished and prepared for 2 years before they made it true. France was the first step and from our conversations, they were supposed to go through Northen Italy before entering the "-stan" countries. Well, if you read them on their blog, Hukomi, you'll see that they're currently in... Canada!    

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