March 10th, 2012


[Rare fandoms] Fanart 1/10 : Akagi

[ENG] Because Akagi deserves more love <3

This little fanart was made very quickly just to spread the love, I see so many flaws in it, please bear with me ! It's a manga of majhong.... Wait wait wait !!! I know, it sounds weird and it is but in a good way. I didn't believe it at first but it's totally addictive. I can't play majhong but somehow Fukumoto makes it EPIC. The protagonist personifies the word baddass, seriously. He's a genius but contrary to Zero from the same author, who's righteous and has a bright personality, Akagi Shigeru is very dark : he dares to cheat when he has to and when he knows he can, he tortures mentally his opponents thanks to his very keen insight, it's absolutely crazy. And he's only 13 years old when the manga starts !!!!

The art in the manga is... special. But I got used to the noses in the end. Well, I think. The anime is extremely well done (MadHouse studios, you're the bestest !) and if you like psychological thrillers, go watch it ! I'd love to buy the DVDs if I could <3

Akagi Shigeru from Akagi by Fukumoto Nobuyuki
Media : myPaint 0.4.3 + Gimp 2.6.7