April 4th, 2016


[3615 Mylife] I did it, I quit my day job !

Hi there,
Some of you may have already read it on my Instagram : I officially quit my job on March 24th 2016 and I'm in the process of creating my own business, yay !

My Mum wasn't shocked about it and actually, I can't remember anybody disagreeing with my choice. I'm not a hot-headed person to begin with and my decision had matured long ago already, so I wouldn't have retreated even if they tried anyway. So now, I'll try and answer the questions I've been asked the most.


Why would you take the step NOW ?
Many things piled up and it became too much in September 2015.

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So, you're finally freelancing ?
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Oh, that's cool, are you going to publish your own comic books/mangas ?
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Wait a minute, what are you publishing then ?
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Are you gonna make a living out of it ? Do you have any orders already ?
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What are your plans now ?

Objective : Launching on July 1st 2016
Although my registration form is ready, I can't send it before I actually start business. Financial support runs for a limited time and I'd like to benefit from it as much as possible. Considering it goes by quarter, I chose July 1st to make the paperwork easier.

Till then, I'm going to :

0. Chill out and relax as much as possible until June.
I had paid days off throughout 2015 but that was just a couple of days at a time. Don't get me wrong, this is veeeeery nice and some countries don't even have paid days off. I just need an actual break, I haven't breathed since my colleague resigned and I totally deserve those 47 paid days off. To get an idea, 30 days = 5 weeks is what you acquire in a year.

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What I've already done :

a. Organize nicely my pattern paper rolls.
b. Organize my entrance and sofa area.
c. Bind 3 drawers of old arts.
d. Roughly sort most of the paper piles scattered in my craft room into 3 big stacks : administrative, sketches, blank.
e. Join Convention INoubliable volunteering team for their event planned this autumn.
f. Plan my portfolio content and design. Because I do book binding, I'll make the covers and bind the pouches using coptic stitch. Now I just need to decide which pouches to calculate the exact measurements.
g. Recycle a box to sort my postal stamps and gather all of the used stamps I collected from work.

All that's left now is keep going and going through my to-do list.
If you're still here, thank you for reading, it really means a lot. And let's see how far I can go from now on c: