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April 12th, 2016

[sticky post] [SCAM ALERT] My paper craft store was hacked

[ENG] Hi there !

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Herebelow are some of the photos that were stolen, make sure to NOT purchase if the store doesn't say Asiancloud or Mezame Papier or if it doesn't link back to one of my websites. Once again : there is no more asiancloud store on Fait-maison.com and if someone takes the username, then they are impersonating me. If you're unsure about anything, kindly read my Terms of the use beforehand or simply ask a question. I won't bite, promise !

Thanks for reading, take care !

 photo asiancloud ORIGAMI01d_01.jpg photo asiancloud ORIGAMI03d_02.jpg  photo asiancloud ORIGAMI02b_02.jpg  photo asiancloud ORIGAMI03f_01.jpg  photo asiancloud ORIGAMI01c_01.jpg


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Vous pouvez voir ci-dessus quelques photos qui ont été volées, faites juste attention de ne PAS acheter s'il n'y a pas de Asiancloud ou de Mezame Papier sur le site concerné ou s'il n'y a pas de link back vers mon site. Une fois encore : la boutique asiancloud sur Fait-maison.com n'existe plus donc si quelqu'un récupère le nom, ils se font passer pour moi. En cas de doute, vous pouvez consulter mes Conditions d'usage ou tout simplement poser la question. Je mords pas, promis !

Merci d'avoir lu et prenez soin de vous !


Tea drinker born in Southern France, I've been drawing since I was 15 and started doing conventions while completing my 2 degrees in Accountancy. As a dilettante, I like trying new crafts so the journal entries will be mostly art and paper related. You'll also find posts about food here an then because I'm definitely a glutton ;D
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