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[Inktober] Day 13 : Mûoï Dalendardrr

[ENG] As you may have seen on my Instagram, I've resumed Inktober after a 2-week pause. I have some sketches I haven't edited yet and I'll post them as soon as possible. My volunteering experience report at COnvention INoubliable is on its way, I just have to take photos of my souvenirs and it'll be done.

Day 13 was left as a tip on November 7th so like my nail art on day 10, it's a piece of art that I haven't kept. It was done at Baba Yaga restaurant where I ate delicious crunchy homemade turnovers (tshebourieki) after a tasty beef stock. It was a bit pricy but it was totally worth the money quantity-wise. I could have done without the soup as appetizer but I'm such a glutton, I couldn't help x'D

You may also have read that Rin & Mûoï are my absolute OTP ; this sketch is the other half of the one I did in this same restaurant a few months ago and that I never posted. Being in a Russian restaurant, I went with fur and added a doodle like pattern. Inspiration comes from Koyamori who has an incredible sense for negative spaces from and the court cards from my Lunatic tarot by artist Evan Yi Feng.

Inktober_20151013b_by_asiancloud.jpg Inktober_20151013a_by_asiancloud.jpg

Tags: ?atalaire, ?original, art: traditional, food, inktober, mangeeeeer, medium: ballpoint pen, medium: stylo à bille, napkin art, restaurant, russian, sketch, tea

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